3 Rooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Toilets
230 m2
775 m2



We are pleased to present you this sumptuous house for sale, decorated with exquisite taste and nestled in a peaceful neighborhood, offering a unique living environment that combines space, serenity, and breathtaking views of the bay.

Detailed description:
• Ground floor:
Upon crossing the threshold of this house, you will be immediately charmed by the spaciousness and charm of the large living room, decorated with great taste like the rest of the house. This space includes a living room, a dining room, and an open kitchen, as well as a separate toilet.
At this level, you will also discover a spacious master suite, designed with refinement. The en-suite bathroom creates a true master suite.

• First floor:
The first floor has a pleasant surprise with an independent space, accessible from the outside of the house, adding a touch of intimacy and flexibility. You will find another living area comprising a lounge, a dining room, and a kitchen, ideal for entertaining guests or creating a separate living space for family members.
The upper level also includes two spacious bedrooms offering all the necessary comfort for rest and relaxation. A bathroom completes this private space. Moreover, a large terrace opens onto the bay, allowing you to enjoy spectacular sea views and unforgettable moments outdoors.

• Exterior:
The charm of this property extends to the outside with a covered swimming pool, allowing you to enjoy moments of relaxation and swimming throughout the seasons, even until autumn. Around the pool, a carefully landscaped area invites relaxation.
Upon arriving in front of the house, you will be delighted by the ample parking space available, providing great comfort for your vehicles. Additionally, a large garage will allow you to store your belongings securely.

This residence is equipped with high-end amenities for your absolute comfort, including reversible air conditioning for ideal temperatures throughout the year. A stove adds a warm touch in winter, while built-in closets in each room offer optimal storage space.
Do not miss the opportunity to become the owner of this superb house. Contact us today to arrange a visit and discover all the potential and advantages of this dream residence.

Sold partially furnished.


  • Type of property Houses Used
  • Condition Good
  • Orientation South
  • Distance from sea 5 km.
  • Views Sea views Swimming Pool


  • Property area 230
  • Plot area 775
  • Rooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Toilets 1

Energy certificate

  • Energy consumption E 231kW h m² / año
  • Emissions E 59kg CO₂ m² / año



Photo gallery

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Selling price: 575.000 €
Reference: 4763

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