5 Rooms
3 Bathrooms
386 m2


The house of your dreams is waiting for you, in the best location in Roses!

You will be pleasantly surprised by this house that looks unassuming from the street: it is very spacious, solidly built and full of natural light with impressive views of the Bay of Roses.
Located in the urbanization of La Muntanyeta, very close to the centre of Roses, it is one of the few single-family houses in Roses with a garden, swimming pool, and beautiful views while being within walking distance of Roses, the beach, restaurants, shops, the bus station, etc.
That must have been why, back in the day, a well-known builder chose this location to build this house for himself; incidentally, the house still bears his son's name.
The property has a total of 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and several terraces. It is well-designed with an internal staircase that connects all areas. The lower floor could be rented.
Lower floor: 1 large suite, as well as a room that can be converted into a living room and kitchen (currently a fitness area, bar and laundry room), direct access to the garden and pool.
Main floor: living room with open kitchen, terrace with views, 1 bedroom (currently an office), 1 bathroom with shower.
Upper floor: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, terrace with views, access door to the garage.
The house can be inhabited all year round; air conditioning and oil central heating ensure the right level of comfort. The pool is perfect for cooling off in the summer. The garage can house 1-2 vehicles depending on their size, there is another parking space in front of the house on the property. The beautiful garden offers sunny and shady spaces to relax and enjoy intimate gatherings; there is also an outdoor grill.
Come and see the house for yourself so we can tell you about some interesting details, such as the unusual roof system, copied from Singapore and made by a prestigious local carpenter. Call us!


  • Type of property Houses Used
  • Condition Good
  • Distance from sea 3 km.
  • Views Sea views Swimming Pool


  • Property area 386
  • Rooms 5
  • Bathrooms 3

Energy certificate

  • Energy consumption D 138kW h m² / año
  • Emissions D 35kg CO₂ m² / año


Carrer Lisp, Roses

Photo gallery

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Selling price: 795.000 €
Reference: 4538

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