1 Baños
23 m2


Studio in Mas Oliva, Roses

We propose you in the pleasant residential Mas Oliva area, this beautiful studio completely renovated.
It is located on the 2nd floor of a building without an elevator. The owner has lovingly renovated it to become a charming studio for year-round living or as a holiday residence.
You can enjoy some pleasant moments on the terrace with beautiful unobstructed views, mountains views, but you can also see the sea.
Equipped with double windows.
Mas Oliva is a very quiet Roses area to enjoy the natural park and wonderful walks.
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  • Tipo de Inmueble Estudios
  • Estado Reformado
  • Distancia del mar 1,8 km.
  • Vistas Mar Verdes


  • Sup. Inmueble 23
  • Sup. Terraza 5
  • Baños 1

Certificado energético


Carrer Lisboa, Roses

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Precio de venta: 68.000 €
Referencia: 3149

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