4 Hab.
3 Baños
285 m2
690 m2


Spacious house with covered pool and large mooring in Roses, Sta. Margarita.

This potentially interesting house has all the necessary conditions to become your exclusive home, as main residence the whole year or as a second home. The 690m2 plot with 18 meters mooring offers enough space for all needs. On the ground floor you have the heated pool, currently covered and used as indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, kitchen, gym, conservatory, terraces, garage. On the first floor a 2-room apartment with bathroom and kitchen, with private entrance, which is also connected by internal stairs with downstairs, the terraces, the mooring and the pool. Alarm system and air conditioning are available. It is furnished, sold in the current retro style. Works at the mooring are inevitable, a fixed price is available. An update would make this house an authentic luxury property in a privileged area. Discover what you can do with the object. We are happy to assist you.
If you don't know Santa Margarita yet: the exclusive section of navigable canals will allow you to keep your ship safe and secure right by the house. The canals are designed so that no bridges disturb, so that even sailing boats can move easily. In a few minutes you are on the Mediterranean Sea, in the beautiful bay of Roses and you can conquer the Costa Brava in both directions from the water.


  • Tipo de Inmueble Casas Segunda Mano
  • Estado A reformar
  • Orientación Sudoeste
  • Distancia del mar 2 km.
  • Vistas Canal Piscina


  • Sup. Inmueble 285
  • Sup. Parcela 690
  • Habitaciones 4
  • Baños 3


  • Amueblado Si
  • Aire_Acondicionado Si
  • Calefaccion Si
  • Piscina Si
  • Garaje Si
  • Parking Si
  • Amarre Si

Certificado energético


Carrer Cap Gros, Roses

Galería de fotos

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Precio de venta: 649.000 €
Referencia: 2217

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