1430 m2


Restaurant in La Vajol

There is a total constructed area of 1,430 m2 on a plot of 33,408 m2.
On the ground floor is the restaurant with an area of 715 m2. It has a kitchen, several large rooms, two terraces for a total of 180 m2 (100 + 80 m2) that can be expanded, a barbecue area of 20 m2, swimming pool, garden, area with games for children, and a large parking lot with some 60 seats. It consists of 7 toilets. Equipped with gas heating.
The first floor has the same area, that is 715 m2. Currently there is only one 90 m2 apartment. Almost all of the surface is free.
Bedrooms could be made since Hotel activity is allowed.
It is a pleasant place that allows various activities both in winter and summer.
For example, in winter, during excursions and family outings in the mountains, you can take advantage of it to collect mushrooms or chestnuts!
In summer, just enjoy the pool and the calm of this beautiful place!
Feel free to contact us for more information!


  • Tipo de Inmueble Locales
  • Estado Buen estado
  • Distancia del mar 30 km.
  • Vistas Verdes


  • Sup. Inmueble 1430



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Precio de venta: 1.100.000 €
Referencia: 3318

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