4 Hab.
4 Baños
2 Aseos
475 m2
762 m2


Private independent house with private pool and beautiful views

Magnificent corner house with Mediterranean charm, located on a 762 square meter plot. This impressive property has four large double bedrooms, three of them with en suite bathrooms, providing comfort and privacy. The main dining room, of generous dimensions and with 50 m2, is located on the main floor, next to an open kitchen and a beautiful terrace with panoramic views of the sea and the town. The orientation of the property is to the south, which allows it to enjoy abundant sunlight and a pleasant sea breeze.

Recently, a reform has been carried out on the ground floor of the house, where a second fully equipped kitchen has been added. In addition, the large garage can be accessed from this floor, with capacity for several vehicles. From the garage, you can access the charming pool and barbecue area through a back door, thus creating a perfect space to enjoy the outdoors and moments of relaxation with family and friends.

Just 5 minutes walk from the center of Roses, this wonderful property is located in the prestigious "Muntanyeta" neighborhood, known for its tranquility and its proximity to nature. The neighborhood offers a serene and peaceful environment, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy direct contact with nature in their daily lives.


  • Tipo de Inmueble Casas Segunda Mano
  • Estado Buen estado
  • Orientación Sur
  • Distancia del mar 750 m.
  • Vistas Mar Piscina Verdes


  • Sup. Inmueble 475
  • Sup. Parcela 762
  • Habitaciones 4
  • Baños 4
  • Aseos 2

Certificado energético

  • Consumo energético E 199kW h m² / año
  • Emisiones E 51kg CO₂ m² / año

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Precio del inmueble 630.000
Ahorro aportado 126.00020%
Plazo 30 Años
Impuestos y gastos:
Total hipoteca:
Tipo de interés: 4,0 %
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Calle Mirón, Roses

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Precio de venta: 630.000 €
Referencia: 5121

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