4 Rooms
1 Bathrooms
2 Toilets
156 m2


House with 4 rooms, garage and pool, in a good area, close to shops.

House with tower of 4 rooms with pool and garage.

House with tower, on the ground floor there is a large living room with open kitchen, three double bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet. In the tower with entrance from the outside there is a double bedroom with toilet and washbasin.


  • Type of property Houses Used
  • Condition Good
  • Orientation South
  • Distance from sea 1,6 km.
  • Views


  • Property area 156
  • Rooms 4
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Toilets 2


  • Furnished Yes
  • Swimming Pool Yes
  • Garage Yes
  • Parking Yes

Energy certificate

  • Energy consumption G 350kW h m² / año
  • Emissions G 71kg CO₂ m² / año


Carrer Alberes, Empuriabrava

Photo gallery

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Selling price: 399.000 €
Reference: 4584

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