5 Hab.
3 Baños
1 Aseos
319 m2
608 m2


House in Mas Matas, Roses

In a pleasant and quiet Roses district, Mas Matas, we have the perfect house for you!
It is located nearby from the Roses center, and only 650m from the beach and the magnificent promenade. In summary, it has the perfect location: very close to all the activities and animations of the town, but being in a calm area to relax!
This splendid house has a lot of space and charm, so that everyone feels comfortable.
In the basement we find a very large garage organized as follows: a part that serves to park cars, a part to store, a toilet, and a kitchen equipped with a living room.
The ground floor of the house consists of a hall, an office, a double room, a bathroom with shower, a large living dining room and a separate kitchen, both with access to the terrace. The kitchen on one side, leads to the closed "winter garden" terrace with large windows. On the other side, it has a laundry room with terrace.
On the first floor of the house, you will find one suite bedroom with bathroom (whirlpool tub), fitted wardrobes and a terrace. A second double bedroom with fitted wardrobes. A full bathroom with tub, and a third double bedroom with fitted wardrobes and terrace.
The house has a large garden that surrounds it. The front part is divided into the pool area with solarium, and an orchard.
The whole house is equipped with reversible air conditioning, heating with oil boiler, double windows.
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  • Tipo de Inmueble Casas Segunda Mano
  • Estado Buen estado
  • Distancia del mar 650 m.
  • Vistas Piscina


  • Sup. Inmueble 319
  • Sup. Parcela 608
  • Habitaciones 5
  • Baños 3
  • Aseos 1

Certificado energético


Avinguda del Mas Mates, Roses

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Precio de venta: 690.000 €
Referencia: 2185

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