5 Rooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Toilets
185 m2
534 m2


Great house to renovate in the center of town

House of 2 plants in the centre and to 400m of the beach, near the restaurants trades, of 2 plants accessible of 2 entrances, 5 rooms, and double garage. Flat plot of 534m² with possibility to build a swimming pool. This property is also ideal for developers looking to invest in the construction of a building in the heart of Roses.


  • Type of property Houses Used
  • Condition To be reformed
  • Orientation Southeast
  • Distance from sea 400 m.
  • Views


  • Property area 185
  • Plot area 534
  • Terrace area 276
  • Rooms 5
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Toilets 1

Energy certificate

  • Energy consumption E 191kW h m² / año
  • Emissions E 38kg CO₂ m² / año


Calle Doctor Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Roses

Photo gallery

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Selling price: 350.000 €
Reference: 4834

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