2 Toilets
110 m2



Welcome to "El Racó de la Brasa en Roses" is a restaurant and bar specializing in grilled cuisine located in the beautiful town of Roses. The place has been completely renovated and is ready to receive diners, with an approximate investment of 95,000 euros, which includes a comprehensive renovation that covers everything from the electrical infrastructure with regular bulletins to the supervision of an engineer and the necessary permits. The reform includes the complete renovation of the floor pipes throughout the premises, as well as a new carpentry and windows that provide a unique luminosity in its interior. The restaurant has the possibility of setting up a terrace, which allows customers to enjoy their meals outdoors. All the necessary permits for the terrace are in order. The team at "La Brasa" is proud to offer an exceptional culinary experience, highlighting the preparation of grilled meats and vegetables. In addition, the restaurant has high-quality stainless steel furniture and a modern kitchen hood to guarantee hygiene and quality in all its preparations. Diners can expect a diverse and delicious menu that includes juicy grilled meats, tapas and exquisite accompaniments. This establishment is the preferred gastronomic destination in Roses for those looking for a unique culinary experience in a modern and welcoming environment. Customers are always welcome with open arms and the grill lit, hoping to enjoy an unforgettable meal. If you are interested in purchasing it, do not hesitate to ask us, we have all the necessary and regulatory documentation of the premises so that it can be yours and start as soon as possible. work!


  • Type of property Commercial Property
  • Condition Good
  • Distance from sea 550 m.
  • Views


  • Property area 110
  • Toilets 2


  • Furnished Yes
  • Air Conditioning Yes

Energy certificate

  • Energy consumption F 102kW h m² / año
  • Emissions F 17kg CO₂ m² / año



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Selling price: 139.000 €
Reference: 4853

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