1 Hab.
1 Baños
68 m2


For sale apartment in Isla de Roses, Santa Margarita, with a wide view

You can really feel at home here!
Someone who bought here a property 42 years ago and 7 years later bought the one next to it, too, needs to know!
The decision to sell was not an easy one.
The apartment on the 4th floor of the emblematic building “Isla de Roses” impresses with its simple elegance, not new, but well-kept, cozy.
You come in and feel comfortable.
The entrance hall, bathroom, kitchenette, a large, bright bedroom, and of course the living room with the wonderful view over the Bay of Roses and the sea.
The beautiful balcony, half glazed, half open.
Countless wonderful hours were spent here, you can just feel it.
The view over the pool area makes it possible to either keep an eye on the children or to look forward to a pleasant refreshment yourself. Tennis courts are not missing. Lots of parking options at the house.
The air conditioning ensures a perfect ambience at all temperatures.
If you are looking for an easy-care holiday home where you can enjoy a beautiful view and unwind as soon as you wake up in the morning, appreciate the advantages of large residential complexes with well-kept pools and gardens and the fact that you have nothing to worry about If you like to watch the boats go by and simply want to become the successor to a family that has appreciated and loved this place for decades, then get in touch.
Right next to the apartment there is a studio that was bought 35 years ago to accommodate additional family members. The residential units have never been connected to each other, but it should be technically easy to do if there is interest.
Take advantage of the rare opportunity to buy the apartment and studio next to each other, with the best view in the house without vis-à-vis, of the bay, the canals and facing south. We are waiting for you!


  • Tipo de Inmueble Apartamentos
  • Estado Buen estado
  • Orientación Sur
  • Distancia del mar 2 km.
  • Vistas Mar Canal Piscina Verdes


  • Sup. Inmueble 68
  • Sup. Terraza 15
  • Habitaciones 1
  • Baños 1


  • Amueblado Si
  • Aire_Acondicionado Si
  • Ascensor Si
  • Piscina Si
  • Parking Si

Certificado energético

  • Consumo energético E 117kW h m² / año
  • Emisiones E 20kg CO₂ m² / año

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Precio del inmueble 149.000
Ahorro aportado 29.80020%
Plazo 30 Años
Impuestos y gastos:
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Tipo de interés: 4,0 %
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Precio de venta: 149.000 €
Referencia: 5244

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