2 Toilets
237 m2


Bar Restaurant in Roses

Bar restaurant in full operation and performance, located in the center of Roses just 350m from the beach of Roses.
Perfect location, close to the covered market, all amenities, businesses and the Sunday market in Roses. Completely renovated and equipped.
It has a large, well-equipped kitchen, a large interior room and a pleasant terrace.
It has a capacity of 85 people in the interior room and 48 people on the terrace.
Kitchen with two smoke outlets, room equipped with reversible air conditioning and two toilets.
Bar / restaurant license in force, so you can start working now!
Ideal to work all year.
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  • Type of property Commercial Property
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Distance from sea 350 m.
  • Views


  • Property area 237
  • Toilets 2

Energy certificate

  • Energy consumption G 164kW h m² / año
  • Emissions G 40kg CO₂ m² / año


Plaza Pep Ventura, Roses

Photo gallery

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Selling price: 902.000 €
Reference: 4609

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